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I have been teaching regularly in classroom settings since 2011 when I began instructing at a high school debate camp.

I now regularly teach my own college level philosophy classes—so far I have taught Introduction to Philosophy, Bioethics, Reasoning and Critical Thinking, and Ethical Theory. I am also the Director of Instructional Design & Curriculum at the Victory Briefs Institute where I supervise approximately seventy instructors and design the online and in-person curriculum for hundreds of students. 


Below you will find my job market teaching materials. 

Job Market Documents

Teaching Portfolio:

Which includes my teaching statement, diversity statement, course evaluations, course overviews and sample syllabi.  

Teaching Statement:

A brief statement on my aims and methods in teaching. 

Diversity Statement:

A brief statement on my approach and commitment to diversity.

Teaching Evaluations:

My quantitative and qualitative teaching evaluations for the courses in which I was the sole instructor of record. 

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